Groundhog's DayActivities...A little late

Friday was our 100th day so we were CONSUMED with 100th day activities and ran out of time for Groundhog's Day activities!  So we are doing them this week!  Better late than never!!  We started our day by "predicting"if Phil saw his shadow or not!  I know it is way more fun to do it before, but luckily my kiddos had no clue and cheered and screamed when I told them what happened after we made our graph!  I got this fabulous Groundhog's Day Graphing Activity from Over the Moonbow!

We also did a fabulous Groundhog's Day Asking Sentence and Telling Sentence Activity made by the fabulous Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade!  My kiddos did so great with this activity!  I read them each of the sentences and they decided if it was telling or asking!  Usually, when I ask if there are any questions I get long strories about birthday parties and grandmas, but they really understood the difference!  I am so happy this activity went so great because in the middle of the activity my principal and 4 board members stopped by! Ah! Luckily my kiddos were rocking it and one of the board members even gave me a thumbs up as he walked out...yessss!!

Since it was a field trip day we only got through a couple activities!  More to come! :)

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  1. Love your day and OMG I crack up when it's a simple question and suddenly you know all about their grandma's birthday or something else completely random. Ha!

  2. LOVE that groundhog unit and discussing about asking and telling! I totally skipped Groundhogs day this year. This time of the year gets so jumbled up and we had a snow day Friday and it fell on a weekend so...maybe I'll check this out and do something with Groundhogs at some point this week :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

    1. I know! We had our 100th day and with it being a weekend it was kind of hard but we managed to still do a few fun activities just a little late!