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Money Match Freebie

Today we had our Junior Achievement day!  If you haven't done this at your school you should!  It was great!  A volunteer came in for the morning to read stories and do activities my kiddos.  A lot of the topics were about money!  One of the activities they got to use money stickers!  I was going crazy over them when I saw them!  I was so happy when our volunteer gave me the extras!

We had that in the morning and a rehearsal in the afternoon for our Black History Celebration on Friday!  Let's just say we only did math and Daily 5 before our day was done!  Since I don't have amazing teacher ideas today, I whipped up a freebie for you! :)  It is a St. Patty's Day themed money matching worksheet pack!  Click on the picture! :)

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  1. This freebie was just what I needed today and thanks for telling me about the giveaway!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. I am your newest blog and TPT follower. I found you through the giveaway. I am starting a blog soon. It will be called Reading and Loving It. I'd love to link up with you or have you as a guest blogger.

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