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Feet, Feet, Feet

Today's book was The Foot Book!  We have been working hard on our skip counting so today we counted our toes!  Each kiddo got a foot with a number!  I had to explain the number did not mean anything, so if they only got 10 and their friend got 100 it didn't mean their friend got 100 things and they got only 10!  Seriously, some days...  After they got their number they colored their foot "fun colors"!  We get excited at those two little words.

 After they were all cut out, we put them in order.  Since I have more than 10 kids we had to do two sets!  Let me tell you though-the kiddos who only got to do ONE were devastated.  However, we all got over it.

 We continued on with our day and before we did Daily 5 we did a little review and each kiddo did a Count by 10's worksheet where they got to write the numbers and of course color using "fun colors"!


  1. I like that foot skip counting and especially that they get to complete an independent one after participating in the group skip counting activity.

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