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The Quietest Pencil Sharpener

Can I just say how much I LOVE this product!  My current pencil sharpener was an electric one that could probably be heard three rooms down and had the most annoying clicking noise!  Not only was it loud but would NOT sharpen my kiddos pencils!  I think the noise is what got me because as soon as I sharpened one pencil I turn around to a line of kinders with magically broken pencils!  I knew it was the noise...I really hated the noise!  I contacted troy at Classroom Friendly Supplies and he sent me one of his amazing pencil sharpeners- The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener!  Let me tell you it did everything my old one did not!

My old electric one and the never ending bucket of dull pencils!

And here is that amazing, greatest pencil sharpener on the planet!  I got it in red!  They come in blue, green, and black too!
It is very easy to use!  Pull out the metal plate, push the two black clips on the top and slide the pencil into place, then start sharpening!  The metal plate moves in as it sharpens so you know when your pencil is all sharpened!
I love the sight of sharp pencils and these are sharp all the way around not just on one side like some sharpeners do to your pencils!

Here is my official pencil test!  The pencil on the top was broken!  I sharpened it with my electric sharpener and after it was done griding and clicking it came out and the tip fell right off!  So I put the same pencil in the Quietest Pencil Sharpener and out came the perfect!  The pictures speak for itself!  You NEED this sharpener!
Finally, I can't take a picture of how quiet it is but I can give you a picture in your head!  I decided to test it during work time. I sharpened the whole bucket of pencils and not ONE kiddo came up with a new broken pencil! because it is that quiet!  A few of them commented it sounded different than our electric one as in it does NOT make those awful grinding and clicking noises!

Click on the pencil sharpener and grab one!!


  1. I am needing a new pencil sharpener- this looks great! I hate when they only sharpen one side.
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