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Theme: Friends

We wrapped up Friendship Week today. 

We did a lot of discussing what it means to do a friend and what are some fun/safe things you can do with your friend.
I created this fun matching game to use in our sensory bin.  I dyed some rice for the first time and it turned out perfect!  It also reminded me of grass, so I found pictures of kids on the playground.

 On the cards I wrote words that describe what a good friend does, like share, help, kind, etc.  Then, we picked a card, read the word, and discussed the word more.

 I added these fun "Buddy Builders" from Amazon and they were perfect "friends" for our park.
This book is a great way to talk about the nice things our hands can do.  Especially, if you have any kiddos who like to use their hands in an unsafe way ;)

I also dyed noodles for the first time, too!  We used those noodles to make friendship necklaces! We also used a bead kit for friendship bracelets :) 
Click on image to grab this bead kit!

These peanut butter and jelly color matching cards were a huge hit!  We played restaurant and worked together to serve the correct colors.  I got these from The Homestead Teacher!  Grab them HERE!

 We like to think of words that start with each letter.  When we are out, we will see a letter and I always have to think of something that starts with that letter.  It totally helps connect learning, so I made these "F is for friends!" page and we decorated the 'f' different supplies.
For our play dough invitation, I printed off this cute friendship clip art set from Creative Clips!  We put the friends in our play dough and pretended we were playing at the park!

The last game we did was this fun math activity!  We had to help the boy get to his friends by rolling our dice and counting each circle.  It was a great way to practice some counting, number identification, and taking turns!
Grab these activities HERE!  

*NOTE: the play dough friends are not included in this due to terms of use, but they are free for you to download HERE!

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