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Theme: All About Me

This week we did our "All About Me" week!

It was fun to try out new activities to learn more about ourselves.  Thanks to a lot of amazing bloggers we had a lot of activities to choose from!

Our first activity we used these play doh mats from Kelly at Engaging Littles!

We didn't use them with play doh, but we did create a self portrait using construction paper.
On the top there was spot for tracing their name, so we used some foam letter stickers and matched each letter in our name.
Names are important when learning all about yourself!  Here we decorated a big B and talked about the letters in our name!  I helped with the glue to avoid some mess (we had somewhere to go early) so we made it a math activity!  I would tell him to find 2 things to glue on and I would make 2 glue dots.  We did this until we had the entire letter decorated!

The next activity we did was all about recognizing the people in our family.  We played it like a matching game.  I would call out a person in our family and the little man would find the picture.  We did it a few times and towards the end, I could show him a name and he would find the correct picture!
Another fun family activity is to decorate a house and add the members of your family inside!  I cut out the house and had my little one decorate it with markers and crayons!  He found some little paper pieces from another project, so we used those to make a roof!
I found these sponge stampers in the Target Dollar Spot and it came with so many shapes including a person!
We stamped the number of people in our family inside our house!

Another fun activity we did was trace and measure our foot!  We measured our foot with pom poms and counted how long they were!  Another fun thing you can do is to see how many pom poms fit inside your traced foot!

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