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Flower Activities for Preschoolers

 Spring is here and I wanted to share a few easy flower activities you can do with your preschoolers.

Coffee Filter Flowers

These are easy to make and turn out so cute.  Color a coffee filter with markers then use a spray bottle or an eye dropper to add a little water onto the filter. The colors from the marker will bleed together and make them look so pretty.  Glue them to a piece of construction paper and draw a stem.  We hung ours up and it made such a cute art display in our playroom.

Fine Motor Color Sort

Looking for a little fine motor practice? Draw different colored flowers on a piece of butcher paper then use a jumbo tweezers and pom poms to match the flower colors.

Flower Garden Math

I grabbed some fake flowers from Dollar Tree for this one.  I started by writing numbers on index cards.  Then, my preschoolers picked a number card and "planted" the matching number of flowers into their flower garden. You could also put all the flowers into the "garden" and pick that many flowers.

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