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3 Easy Prep Easter Activities

Easter is right around the corner! If you are looking for some easy activities to do the week before or after, look no more :)  I have 3 easy prep activities that help build preschool skills.

The first one is this bunny and carrot shape match.  Each bunny has carrots that match its shape.  I hid the carrots a little bit so it was a surprise when the chose one AND kids love anything that mimics "Hide and Seek"! They can pick, identify, and match OR you can tell them to find a certain shape in the "garden".
The next one is another matching one.  Your kiddos will take the stack of egg cards and match it to the colored bunny.  My kiddos loved holding the entire stack of cards and "helping" the bunny find its eggs.  Another way to use these cards is to place the egg cards in a sensory bin. 
One last one for you is this egg match.  I created egg mats with different sequences of colored eggs.  We took plastic eggs and matched them.  I also have matching strips (you can see them in the background) that your kiddos can match.
These activities are a part of a bigger preschool bundle that you can check out HERE!

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