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St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

That sneaky leprechaun is headed our way this week and I wanted to share 5 activities that you can do with your kiddos this week!

We love a good name activity.  For this one, I wrote the letters in their names on gold coins and then the matching letters on the pots.  We matched the letters and put the coins in the  matching pots.  I used dot stickers so I can remove them to use them for other activities!

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We love a great play dough tray and we added green play dough with gold glitter to ours!  We worked together to make our play dough and then I added some green loose parts to help us create.  Play dough trays are so easy and you can put in almost anything.  I used gold coins, foam shamrocks, pipe cleaners, and straws.

   This activity comes from my St. Patrick's Day Writing Center. Instead of writing words and sentences (we aren't totally there yet), I added play dough and letter stampers.  For this one, we counted the letters in our word, grabbed that many pieces of playdough, then found the letters to make the word. This one is a great way to get math, literacy, fine motor, and sensory skills.

We aren't ready to be over with rainbows, so we did name and uppercase/lowercase match.  I put the letters of our name into a sensory bin.  I chose to do their names because then we can work more on those letters and using all the letters can be overwhelming.  

The last one I have for you is a part of the Primary Teacher Club.  We rolled our dice and covered the number with a gold coin.  I have a dice that is numbers only and that was helpful for the girls to do a number matching activity.

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