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10 Rainbow Activities for Kids

I have 10 rainbow themed activities to share you with you!  These are perfect any time of the year which makes it the perfect go to activities!

Here I drew a rainbow on a piece of butcher paper and then we took dot stickers to match to each colored line.  This was a great one to work on color matching and fine motor.  Taking those little stickers off the paper really strengthens our hands!

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This next one was a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt!  I took brown paper lunch bags and wrote each color on the front.  Then, I told my kiddos to find a toy that matched each color.  This one got us up and moving + we were identifying colors.  After they collected their toys, we would take each toy out and identify the color.  We did this one over and over again!

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Bin!  The kids and I made this one together.  We put about a cup and half of chickpeas into a baggie and added paint.  We then shook up our baggies to coat each chickpea.  I let them sit in the bag for a few minutes and then dumped them out to dry.  We added scoops and cups to play with this bin.

Rainbow Towers! This one we used our rainbow blocks to create towers.  After we created the towers we counted how many of each color we used and wrote the number on a white board.  This one had us building, counting, and writing numbers!

Rainbow Hop! We are finally experiencing "warmer" weather here!  We were so excited to take this one outside!  I drew a cloud and rainbow colored circles down our driveway.  We kept it simple and just hopped from circle to circle all the way down.  I would call out a color and they would jump to that color.  This is an easy gross motor activity to try with your little ones!

Rainbow Lines! For this one, I drew colored clouds on our butcher paper.  Then, we took matching colored markers to draw rainbows from each matching colored cloud.  

Rainbow Addition! Here I drew rainbows all over our butcher paper and wrote numbers in each cloud.  We used counters to match each number and then counted them all together!  This is a simple addition activity that include number identification + counting!  

Pot of Rainbows!  I cut strips of colored paper and we took our dot stickers to match to each colored strip.  We out our strips in the order of the rainbow and glued them to our pot!

This is an easy sorting activity that could be done with any rainbow counters that you have.  I drew a circle for each color and we sorted our counting bears.  We pretended that each circle was a "house" and we had to make sure our bears were in the matching house.


The final one we did was a part of the Primary Teacher Club resources.  We put our rainbow bear cards in a sensory bin and matched them to the number.  The Primary Teacher Club is now open and you can 4-5 resources every month to do at home with your kiddos age 3-5!

We added some fun rainbow books to our week and you can find those HERE!

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