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Easter Egg Day


We had an Easter Egg Day and did all things Easter eggs!

Giant Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs in any form is fun, but this one was super fun for use because we decorated GIANT eggs!  I drew big eggs all over our driveway and showed them how to make different lines and circles to decorate.  Such a simple one but perfect for a nice day outside.

Egg Shakers

Another simple one we did.  I set out beads, eggs, and stickers.  We put the beads in our eggs and then I closed/taped them together.  Then, we took our stickers and decorated.  We had fun making music and I plan on using our eggs this week for some syllable work.  Shake the number of syllables!

Egg Toss

We started this one with taking turns throwing the eggs until we made one.  After we had some practice with it we played a simple game (that included some addition).  Each bucket was worth points (1-4).  We only used 4 eggs and you had 4 chances to score.  Once you threw all four eggs we counted out how many points you scored and wrote it down on a piece of paper.  This was a HUGE hit and really showed me that we need to do more tossing games :)

Egg Hunt

Just like your Easter morning egg hunt BUT I put the letters we got from CharsJars instead.  I placed the eggs around our play room, then laid out these uppercase letter cards.  I had my kiddos find an egg, bring it over to the letters, identify, and match.  We used lowercase letters and uppercase letter cards for a little challenge.  My daughter's name starts with 'E' and she was a little confused why I was saying the lowercase 'e' matched "her letter" :) 

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Egg Stamping

The last one I have to share is another simple idea.  We took colored paint and mixed white into it to make pastel colors.  Then, we took our eggs to stamp our paper.  We talked about the colors we used and the shapes we were making.

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