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Spring Ideas for Preschoolers


Hello Spring!

I am so excited spring is here!  I wanted to pop in to give you some spring activities to try with your kiddos and some fun books that can work all spring long, too!

 Why not start this out with a FREEBIE!  I have a fun "Where is Bunny" activity that will help work on letter and sound recognition.  Cut the letter cards apart and place them on the floor.  Cut up the bunny cards and "hide" them behind certain letters.  Your kiddos will say the letter they want to check under OR they can say the sound.  You can also flip rolls and YOU can say the letter or sound then they flip the card over to check!  Grab this one HERE!

Spring Activity Ideas for Kids to do at Home

The first one I have is a "Build a Flower" activity!  I cut out all the parts of a flower and we took the pieces to build our own flower.  We talked about each part and took turns putting the flower together.  This one your kiddos could even help with cutting out of the pieces.  Just draw each part on paper and they can cut it out.  Add crayons and they can color in the pieces before they cut.
The next one I have is perfect for color matching.  Draw different colored flowers on a piece of paper or long butcher paper.  Then, have your kiddos color each flower the matching color OR use Do a Dot Markers to match each color.

Want to turn it into a fine motor activity? 
Add pom pom and tweezers!  Your kiddos will pick up a pom pom with the tweezers and match it to the flower.

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