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Snack Time with lil' gourmets

 I am so excited to share a fun snack option for you and your kiddos!  
lil' gourmets is a fresh and organic veggie meal that can be found in the refrigerator section of most Targets or local grocery stores.  You can find where to buy lil' gourmets HERE!

lil' gourmet was founded by a mom after she wanted to help kiddos fall in love with veggies while enjoying unique flavors and cultures around the world.  lil' gourmets comes in 6 different flavors and can be enjoyed by kiddos ages 6months-106 years old!  Why? Because they can be enjoyed as a yummy dip when your kids get older. 

I want to share  different ways we enjoyed them!

The first way we used them was mixing ice and a package of lil' gourmets in the blender for a smoothie!
Together we added about a glass of ice and the cinnamon, beets, and apple flavored package.  

We enjoyed it and my kids wanted to keep making more!  The flavors are amazing in each container!

The next way is as a dip.  The texture of these foods is very similar to hummus.  Which makes it perfect for dipping and that is how we used it for these next two ideas.

We first used naan dippers that I found at Costco and the other way was with pretzels!  I'd love to give you a coupon for a FREE container that you can try at home!  Just click HERE to grab a free one for your family :)

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