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Have you heard about the app Vooks?

It is an app that features animated children's books!

They have a huge library of books that your kiddos can choose from!

There are no ads and the whole app is kid friendly.  Feel safe knowing your little ones are getting some safe screen time while listening to books!
This is the perfect addition to any reading center.  Download the app and put it in your listening center!  The best part ALL teachers (home-school teachers included-Can I get a WHOO HOO!?) get a whole year for FREE!  We are still in those first few months of school, so this will take you through this year and the beginning of the next year!
There are different categories to choose from like seasonal, princesses, friendship, animals, etc.  The best part are most of these books are ones that you and your kiddos have read or have displayed in your classroom!
I love that they include seasonal books!  Sometimes I am searching for a book to go with a certain time of year and can't find one!  They have a good list of book to choose from for each season/holiday!

While the book is being read to you, the words are highlighted which is so ideal when young children are learning to read!  They can hear and see while staying engaged in the animations.
Check it out for yourself HERE! I hope you enjoy it as much as we are!
The books can even be downloaded so books can be read offline!

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