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Theme: Acorns

We spent the week talking about acorns.  Not a lot about the tree part of it, but more about how animals collect them and save them for the winter months!

Check out what we were up to!

 Like I said before, one thing we talked a lot about were the animals that collect food for the winter.  Here We played a game where we collected as many acorns as we could.  

Once we were done we counted how many we got and compared the numbers to each other.  A great way to talk about more and less!

I created this fun sensory bin with colored rice, magnets, and acorns.

Our goal for this activity was to find things that were magnetic and things that were not.

We sorted the things we found in the baskets.  The letters stuck to our magnet, along with the acorns because I put paperclips on each one.  The links did not stick.  Once we were finished we connected the links together and counted them.

A fun activity we did was paint using glue and stick small pieces of brown paper to our acorn.  We have done activities like this in the past, but adding the glue paint to it was a lot of fun!

I found these dried chickpeas from Walmart and thought they looked very much like acorns!  I had all intentions of finding acorns in our backyard, BUT it rained all week and there was no acorn hunting going on!

I hid the acorn shapes under the chickpeas (like a squirrel would do) and we had to find the shapes and color the shape.  However, we weren't into coloring that day (that's ok) so we just matched the shapes!

 I wanted to share a quick young toddler activity with you, too!  Here we made a sticky wall using contact paper and the girls stuck the small brown paper to the stick paper!  It was a great fine motor activity for them having to pick up each small piece of paper.

Another fun activity we did was matching our letter beads to our acorn name!  It was a little tricky because the beads were uppercase and most of the name is lowercase, but he did a great job!

Click HERE to grab some of these activities!

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