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Theme: Bats and Spiders

I can't believe Halloween is next week already!  We had a fun week doing all the bat and spider things!

I posted about this one earlier this week, but we did it a couple times this week!
We used plastic spiders from Dollar Tree and matched them to number webs.  Grab this freebie HERE!
 I cut out bats and taped them to a black piece of paper.  Then, we took a pom pom to paint on the white.
 After we were were done painting, we let it dry and took off the bats!
 They turned out so cute and if you added a cute writing prompt you could use it as a writing display in your classroom!
 Toddler activity time-Here I was giving the girls simple directions to follow. I told them to put the spiders on certain pumpkins and they would listen then follow the direction.
 Another post I did earlier this week was about these ADORABLE number spiders!  Read about them HERE!

 A fun fine motor activity we did was putting string on a basket, then putting spiders in the basket.  We used the big tweezers to pick out the spiders from the web.

 I found this do a dot page from The Resourceful Mama.  We used dot stickers to instead of do a dot markers.

 Then, we added some streamers and string to make a bat decoration.

 Here we used our black crayons to color our bats.  This was a great time to talk about the color black!

Then, I took their bats and made them into the CUTEST bat headbands!

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