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Theme: Fire Safety

We have been trying to fit in a few fire safety activities the last couple weeks, so I could get this blog post out earlier in the week in case you are looking for a few extra activities! 

We did some discussing about what to do in case of an emergency!  We learned to call 9-1-1!

We used this template and decorated our numbers using the colors we see in fire!

A lot of these activities are done with my preschooler BUT this one I let the girls do!

 They did a great job using the paintbrush to pain the glue on the numbers!

 Then, they were able to stick a few pieces of paper to the numbers!

 Using the paint brush with glue has been a huge hit over here and is a little easier than a glue bottle for projects like this!

 They turned out so cute and would make a great display at school!

 We also did a fun color words worksheet!

Each flame has a color and we would color the flames to match.

We are not reading yet, so I would say the color and he would find the marker!

This next activity was a great way to practice "calling" 9-1-1!

 We used our fingers then we use dot markers.  We talked about what an emergency is.  AND calling because you need a snack is NOT an emergency ;)
 We also talked about things that are hot in our house.  We wrote X's on post-its and put them on the hot things in our house.
 This was a great way to get some writing in!  I made an X and he copied it then found all the things we should stay away from to be safe.
 Fire Safety Week is not complete if you don't make a firetruck out of shapes :)
 This was an easy activity and helped review shapes!  We also pretended it was a real fire truck and drove it all around the house.

Hopefully you found something you can add to your fire safety week!  If you are looking for the activities pictured above click HERE!

 Below are some fun activities to use during Fire Safety Week or for your Community Helpers Unit!

 All of these activities have a fun fire fighting theme!  Letter tracing cards!

 Color word puzzles!  Words come in black and colored to match the object!

 Pattern cards that include extending patterns and creating your own.

I have been loving these play dough mats!  You can also use manipulatives to outline each shape too!

Ten frame cards with and without numbers.  Use with manipulatives as a matching game.

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