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Number Spiders

We are talking all things spiders this week and I wanted to pop on to share our latest activity!  Hopefully, it is something you can add to your plans in the next couple weeks!

Today we talked about how many legs are on a spider (this is important to the project)!  We learned there are 8 and made a spider with that number in mind.

I took dot stickers and wrote the numbers 1-8 on them.  To make it really all about 8, I wrote eight 1's, eight 2's, etc.

I cut out two circles one for the head and one for the body.  Then, eight long rectangles for the legs.
Once these were prepped we started our project! 

We took the rectangles and our number 1's.  We put the 1 stickers along the rectangle. Then, put the 2 stickers along another rectangle.  We did this until we had 8 legs.

Then, we glued the body parts together and added some eyes!  We just used dot stickers, but googly eyes would look so cute too! 

Once we were all done we had the cutest number spider!  We sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider and used our spider as a puppet to go along with the song!

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