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Theme: Pumpkins

We are slowly making our way to Halloween! 

This week we did all the pumpkin themed activities!  Check it out!

 One of our favorite activities this week was making "Fizzy Pumpkins".  I have seen this done with real pumpkins, but we used the plastic pumpkins.  I put a drop of orange food coloring on the bottom and covered it with baking soda.  Then, we squirted vinegar into each pumpkin and watched it fizz!
We watched "Spookley: The Square Pumpkin" on Amazon Prime, then made our own square pumpkin!

 Here I wrote the letters on a pieces of paper.  The little guy used pumpkin stickers and covered the letters that are in his name.
 We used number cards and a pumpkin ice cube tray to practice number recognition and one to one correspondence.   We used the number cards from my Pumpkin Breakfast Box pack and the  ice cube tray is from Dollar Tree.
 I also created a fun sensory bin using the pumpkin ice cube tray!  I dyed some water orange to make some fun colored ice cubes.  I froze some plastic pumpkins in the ice and we used hot water to get them out!
 I had a package that came with some bubble wrap, so we used that dipped in orange paint to make a cute bumpy pumpkin!
 I think they turned out so cute!  We also used the bubble wrap as a paint brush and just painted the whole paper orange too! :)
 Easy pumpkin decorating idea is to take Halloween stickers and stick them all over your mini pumpkin!  Such a great fine motor activity because getting those papers off the stickers can get a little tricky!
 We also used Kwik Stix to decorate our pumpkins!  Kwik Stix look like glue sticks but they are actually tempera paints in a stick form!  They are bright and a lot less messy than a paintbrush and paint!
 I made some number pumpkins that we used to do a fun number toss game.  We would identify the number we hit.  We also used objects to match the number on each pumpkin.
Finally, a fun sensory bin!  I used orange and brown dyed rice.  I added pumpkin erasers and Styrofoam pumpkins!  We used the pumpkin tray to hold the pumpkins in our bin.

Click the link HERE to grab a couple pumpkin activities that we did this week!

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