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Sensory Bin Saturday: Rain Storm Sensory Bin

Happy Saturday!  We have finally been getting some nicer weather! 

Then, today it is cold and rainy!  Which was perfect for a rain storm sensory bin!

I took some blue and green straws and cut them up into little pieces.  I added some blue shredded paper (from Dollar Tree) plus a few shreds of yellow paper.  Then, I bent up some pipe gold pipe cleaners.  We mixed this all into our bin to create a rain storm.  All the blue represents the rain and the yellow/gold pieces are the lightening!

I was able to create two activities using one bin.  At first, I had my toddlers playing in it.  They were pulling out the straws and saying BLUE!  Since there are only a few colors in the bin, it was a great way to practice some of those color words!  Then, they were lining them up outside of our bin. 

Next, I showed them how we could pick up a big chunk of the filler and let it fall like rain.  We made different noises and they had fun making the rain fall!

The next activity, I did with my preschooler.

I added our raindrop counting cards from my spring pack, along with a number tracing sheet. 

We picked a rain cloud, counted the drops, and found the umbrella number card to match.

Then, we would trace the number we matched.  We have used this straw filler before and it is something different and easy to create! 

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