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Unicorn 2D Shape Mat Activities

I think every time I create a product I think of a million different ways to use it!  Kind of like everything in teaching :)

I just created these unicorn themed 2D shape mats!  And I have THREE different ways to use this pack!

First way, take the half sheet shape mats and play dough or any manipulative then outline each shape.  We used mini erasers to outline.

Next, take the shape mats and the smaller rainbow shape cards.  Layout the shape mats and sort the small cards.  This is a great way to get some sorting practice in!

Finally, I have included a shape tracing page that you could add to any of the ideas above.  Or you could take the small rainbow shape cards, pick a card, and record.  Add the shape cards to a sensory bin, too!

I originally wanted to just make some unicorn shape mats and now we have 3 centers in one :)  Grab them HERE!

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