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Learn at Home: No Theme Freebie

I thought with what is happening around the world and with schools closing there will be more families at home needing some additional activities to get them through their day! I started making these Learn at Home lessons at the beginning of January.  It is an easy way to plan out your week and have a list of different activities to use at home.

This week's activities are ALL FREE, linked for you, and are easy to use!  There are 20 total activities and even though they are laid out in a weekly format.  They definitely can last more than a week! 

You can grab the lessons HERE!

A few activities I wanted to link here since they are in the lesson plans above!

Number/Letter Toss:  An easy way to make these activities for free are to write the letters and/or numbers on a paper plate or paper.  Lay them out around the room.  Take a bean bag, ball, or small stuffed animal and throw it on one of the letters/numbers.  Identify the one you landed on and either pick it up, write it down on a piece of paper, or leave it where it is.  A great way to get up and moving!  Plus, a little learning is thrown in there, too!

Free Art: I wrote about this HERE (scroll the the bottom)!  We do this almost every week and it is a fun way to let your kiddos do whatever they want with the art supplies!

Shaving Cream: Easy activity but can get a little messy!  Give your kiddo a squirt (BIG squirt) of shaving cream.  Let them smear it around.  Encourage them to take their finger and draw shapes or pictures.  They can also write letters or numbers!