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Toddler Tuesday: Chalk + Rocks

Happy Tuesday!  We took our activities outside today!

We have been taking advantage of our sunny weather and heading outside for a lot of our morning.  However, my toddlers are still a little small for any bike, so they spend some of their time whining or not having anything to do.

Trust me, we have tried all the things and today we took out our beloved chalk and grabbed some of those landscaping rocks we always tell them to put back...haha!

Check out the different activities we did using those supplies!

 Number Tracing:  I wrote the numbers on the driveway and we worked together to trace each number with our rocks.  It was a great way to practice following directions because I would show them where to put the rocks and they would place them!

 Rock Counting:  Next, I drew circles below each number.  Once again we worked together counting the rocks to match each number.  My toddlers love to count (usually not in order) so this was perfect counting practice!  They also liked getting the rocks and putting them in the circles.

 Chalk Color Match: I drew 4 circles in different colored chalk.  I left the chalk out and we practiced saying the color and matching it to the circle.

 Shape Trace:  This one was similar to the number idea, but we used shapes instead.  We put the rocks around each shape.

Drawing Shapes:  They know one shape and that is circle, so they were practicing drawing circles on the driveway.

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