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Learn at Home: Birthday

I wanted to start the New Year with better planning for our activities at home.  Ideas and activities laid out that would be prepped and easy to grab.  I always had a ideas for the week, but honestly never had them typed out-more of quick notes in my planner.

I thought it would be super beneficial for YOU whether you are in the classroom or at home, to have a weekly lesson plan focusing 4 different skills/subjects.  I have each activity linked to a blog post or a product, so you can easily grab these if you would like to use them, too!  Some activities we might do two times a week, but that is what works with our schedule and also helps with having things prepped! :)

I have included our weekly (sometimes biweekly) plans HERE!  I have plans with the links, one without the links, and a blank one in case you want to grab ideas from all over to plan your week!

Now-what 4 skills/subjects do I have?  I have sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and art.  You're probably wondering-where's science, math, social studies, LITERACY!?  My idea behind this is that you can add those skills into those four components easily!  Plus, a gross motor activity involving numbers is already way more fun than just a worksheet involving numbers.

I am going to share a bunch of activities in this post, so you have a reference for them, too!

Cake Race and Write:  This can be played in different ways, but here is the way we did it.  I would write a number and we would run to the cakes to find that number.  This can also be played where your little one writes the number and you race to grab the number.  Also, use the same concept to practice letters!

Cake Walk Numbers/Letters: This always brings me back to those school carnivals!  Put the cake numbers/letters in a circle, then play music as everyone walks around the circle.  Once the music stops whatever number/letter you are standing on you will identify!  You can leave the cake there or you can take that cake out of the circle.

Cake Jump: We are still using our cake numbers!  This time you will call out a number and your little ones will jump that number!  You can do this with a small group, individually, or a whole group.  They will have to take turns as you say a number or have this be a partner activity and each partner takes turns calling out a number!

Birthday Play Dough Tray: I set up this play dough tray with things that we used with our build a cupcake tray!  I made white play dough and we had fun making cakes and putting candles in them!
Letter Dot Sticker Match: This can be done with any theme!  Draw a cake and write the letters inside of it!  Use dot stickers with letters written on them!  Then, match each letter!  Perfect for uppercase to lowercase matching, too!
DIY Coloring Sheet: Essentially, the next two are similar!  These DIY coloring sheets are perfect for any theme!  Just use some butcher paper and draw objects in black marker to color!  We like to use Kwik Stix!

Birthday Banner: This is another easy butcher paper activity!  I wrote "Happy Birthday" and we decorated it!  Perfect as a homemade decoration for any celebration!

Fizzy Birthday Party: We love doing fizzy experiments!  We used our cupcake pan, candles, and sprinkles to have our own birthday party fun!

Balloon Kick: No picture for this, but basically we used some balloons and practiced kicking them!  This was fun and we even did some counting to see how many times we could kick it before we missed!

Free Art: We do free art all the time!  I usually bring out scissors, glue, and paper.  Then, we go to town on making whatever we can!  It is a fun time to leave art open ended!  Of course, it is always fun to give them the supplies and have them create something-like a birthday cake or birthday hat!

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