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Snowball Fight-CVC

Have you tried a snowball fight in your classroom?  So easy to do and a fun way to review different concepts!

We did it last winter using the letters in my son's name one time.  We wrote one letter on small pieces of paper, then crumpled them all up!  Next, we threw them around and then identified each letter.

Now, you're thinking what do we write on the "snowballs"!?  A fun idea is to practice CVC words and write a CVC word on each piece of paper!  To make it more of a review for your kiddos, have them choose a word and write that word down.  You could show them a picture and they have to write it or you can tell them the word to write!

A way to use this same concept in the classroom is to have half the class on one side of the room and the other half on the other side of the other side!  Your kiddos will throw a "snowball" across the room and keep throwing them until you tell them to stop.  Once they stop they will pick a snowball and open it, then read it to a partner or to the class.  This works great for math, too!  Review numbers, shapes, or addition facts!

I have some more winter CVC practice activities for you!  These CVC snowman cards are perfect for morning activities or for reading centers!

The objective is to match the snowman with the CVC picture to the hat's with the words.

This activity is perfect to pair with the snowball activity!  Grab this CVC snowman activity HERE!

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