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Build a Snowman Play Dough Tray

I wanted to share a fun and easy prep play dough tray!  These trays are a great open ended activity that allows your little ones to create whatever they want!  There's no right or wrong!
The supplies we used were some mini erasers, dry black beans, hat/scarf cut out of foam, and some cookie cutters!
 I helped roll the three balls for our snowman.  Then, we took the hat, scarf, and beans to decorate our snowman.  We added some polar bear erasers, too!  The scarf was a little tricky to get it to stay, so we added more play dough on the back of it.
After we were done, we had fun using the cookie cutters to create more things!  Here we took the snowflake cookie cutter and used the erasers to decorate!

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