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Snowball Letter Toss

It is only fitting to share this activity the day before we get a huge snowstorm :)

This is a fun one that can be done in a whole group or in a small group!  It was always a favorite with my kinders!

I set up our snowballs all over the floor.

Then, we took a ball and threw it to one of the letters!  You can also use a bean bag.

Once our ball landed on a letter (or close to one) we took our recording sheet and colored in the letter we landed on.

There are actually two recording sheets!  One you color and one you trace!

Grab this activity HERE! Looking for more winter activities?  Click HERE!

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  1. Happy New Year! I still cannot download your products but I love the snowball Letter Toss. Could you send it to me please? I love all your wonderful products you make for us kindergarten teachers. Have a wonderful weekend!