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Learn at Home: Winter

I am so excited to share with you some winter themed activities and ideas for a week of fun!
I blogged about how I decided on creating these plans HERE!

We have been focusing on winter for awhile and we probably still will after this week because we live where we get more winter than any other season :)

I have linked our plans HERE.  There are three lesson plans to use.  One has all our activities linked to a blog post or a product that we used!  Here are some activities I have included in our lessons above!

Winter Move Cards: These cards were a huge hit and perfect to get moving when the weather outside was not ideal!  There are six cards that we put into a pocket dice!  We rolled and followed what the cards said!  You can grab those HERE!

Indoor Ice Skating: This was a fun one!  We took our washcloths and "skated" across the floor.  We even had races!  It actually worked out perfect with our Winter Move Cards because one of the move cards said skate on the ice!

Free Art-Snowflakes: We did this last week with our birthday activities!  This week I put out a tray of different supplies.  We used those supplies to decorate our snowflakes!

Dot Pages: These I blogged about HERE, but I wanted to show you some of the winter ones!  The link in that blog post includes winter AND Christmas!

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