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Learn at Home: Dinosaurs

I am here to share our dinosaur week activities!  Our "Learn at Home" lesson plans are linked HERE!  Like our previous weeks, there are three lesson plans to use at home with your little ones!

Each activity is linked, so you can find what you're looking for quickly!  Check out a few of our activities below!
 Measuring Dinosaur Footprints: I made some BIG dinosaur footprints out of some poster board.  We measured footprints using some dinosaur "bone" erasers.  Using small dinosaurs is another fun way to measure!
 Dinosaur Footprint Art: We used the same footprints and decorated them!  We used markers and our dot markers!
 Dinosaur Bath: We took our dinosaurs, a bucket of soapy water, and a sponge to wash our dinosaurs.  It was a fun sensory play!
 Dinosaur Sticker Dots: This is a fun one that can be done in many different ways!  Take a print out of a dinosaur and add small dots all over.  Next, cover each dot with a sticker.  Add a dice and roll a number then cover up the number you rolled!
 Dinosaur Ice Rescue: I froze some dinosaurs in a cupcake tin.  We took some warm water and a dropper to melt our dinosaurs out of the ice!
 Dino Egg/Dino Dig: We had this dinosaur egg that we got at a Barnes and Noble event from a few months ago.  This week was the perfect time to pull it out!  We soaked our egg in water then used our tool to dig out our dinosaur!  This was a huge hit!  A little messy, but engaged us for awhile!  Click HERE to get a set of these eggs similar to this one!
Dinosaur Fossils: We made dinosaur fossils using salt dough!  We took our dinosaurs and pressed them into each piece of dough then baked them!  Once they were finished we painted them!
 Dinosaur Bridge: I did a fun bridge building activity with my kinders during our gingerbread week where we built bridges for the gingerbread to get over the river.  We took supplies to make bridges for our dinosaurs to get over the lava!  This was a great STEM activity to add to your plans!

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