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Feed the Penguin Freebie

I have a fun freebie for you!  I made some colored fish cards and color word cards.

The color word cards come in color and black.  I laid all the color word cards upside down

We picked a color word and found the matching colored fish.

Then, we fed our penguin our colored fish!  

I made our penguin out of a empty container of letter crackers from Trader Joe's!

 We also fed the penguin our color card, so they had a match :)

 Another way to use these cards is to add a paperclip to each fish.   Then, tie a string to a pencil with a magnet at the end.  Next, pick a color card and "go fishing" for the colored fish!

To add a little more of a challenge, place the black cards out and your kiddos have to read the color and match it to the fish!

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