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Sensory Saturday: Snowflake Scoop

I think I am making this a thing!  Happy Sensory Saturday!  We have been doing so many fun sensory bins, I thought it would be fun to take a day to show you one!

I got these supplies from either Target or Dollar Tree!  The beans can be found at any grocery type store and the snowflakes I found before Christmas at Dollar Tree!  I know-they more than likely are not there, but any snowflake sticker or manipulative will work!

We started by exploring the bin.  They helped me add some of the snowflakes!  Then, we started picking out the snowflakes or taking out handfuls of beans!  Anything we do is a win!  We are just introducing new things we can feel!

Then, I added some spoons and silicone bowls!  This was a great time to practice our scooping!  I love anything that can be fun and help with a needed skill!

Let me know if you try this out! :) Looking for more winter activities?  Click HERE!

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