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Fizzy Colors

I wanted to share a fun science activity that works inside on a rainy day or outside on a warm sunny day!

Fizzy Colors is easy prep and kept my little guy engaged for awhile.

All you need to get started is baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar. 

I placed a drop of food coloring all over a baking sheet. 

Then, I covered each drop with the baking soda.

After they are all covered take an eye dropper of vinegar and put drops of it on each pile of baking soda.  As it fizzes the colors will start to appear!

Once they were all done fizzing my little guy took his dropper and started mixing the colors to make new colors.
We went through more vinegar than I expected, but I did have a lot of baking soda over each colored drop.
I hope your little ones enjoy this as much as mine did :)

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