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Shelf Curtains

The hubby is traveling for work, so I went to visit my sister in WI.  Lucky for me, she sews!  I have said before that my room is TINY or tiny, so I need to use each space wisely!
I know there are lots of shelves in the classroom, and a few cabinets.  Basically, a lot of my stuff will be out in the open and could look super cluttered.  Not cute!
I wanted to make some curtains for my shelves to cover up the clutter.  I bought some adorable fabric at Wal-Mart, but wanted to add a cute boarder to the top to make it look a little nicer.
The fabric I bought has multi-colored polka dots on it, so the border was a solid color to match the dots.
I cut two strips of red from a bigger piece of fabric.  I folded it and ironed it.
My sister folded it and sewed it to make it looked ruffled!
Then, she took the polka dot fabric and sewed the ruffled strip to the top!

Seriously, how lucky am I!?  It turned out perfect!  
Here is an example of what I will use it for!  I plan on using some velcro to attach it to the shelf.  Since the pattern has so many colors, we might go back and make a few solid color ones too!  
What a lifesaver!  I was about to pull out the hot glue gun to make this!  I think it could still work, right!?

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  3. The curtains are a cute way to hide the mess!!