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Monday Math Centers

I keep seeing that today was everyone's last Monday of the year or they only have 4 days left.  Well, I have 3 more Mondays!  Check out our math centers this week!  We are still doing bugs and I found a TON of FREE centers from Shannon at Kindergarten Hoppenings!  Seriously, just search any theme and she will have freebies for you!
I created this sheet to use with my number stamps to make addition problems!

Spin and subtract!

Creating patterns using bug cards!

Roll and color-with our Scentos markers!

Spin and graph the insects!  We have two spinning math centers this week! So fun!


  1. Love it! We were doing Shannon Martin's Insect Journal today! xoxo

  2. What fun! I am headed over there to check them out!

    Karmens Kinders

  3. Kimberly- I love your blog, it's so cute! You are clearly a great teacher. I also like how well developed your site is, you can easily navigate it and you have a ton of followers. So fetch! <3 Chels

  4. I love those centers! My kiddos go crazy for roll and color centers :)