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Monday Math Centers

What a wonderful spring Monday!  The weather was so nice and the kiddos were so good! *knock on wood* or maybe it was our new second grade store incentive.  All week we give out these babies:
                                         Photo: Mrs. Kiedrowski money!!  Thank you second grade! :)  Time to "buy" good behavior...haha!
Yes, that is a $1 bill with my face on it...ha!  One of my kiddos told me I must be the new president since I am on the money now.  Friday, all the kinders are heading to the second grade rooms to "go shopping".  They are doing everything from a nail salon and bowling to chips and dip!  So fun!
Now for our math centers this week.
I created this last year after I saw this pin.

I put together 4 little containers of animal erasers. I printed off and laminated a blank graphing sheet and my kiddos graphed their box of erasers.

This was a freebie from the fabulous Mrs. Wheeler!  There was a recording sheet and my kiddos put an 'x' in each category when they found a matching shape. Did I mention it is a FREEBIE!?  Click here!
Look what came in the mail today!  Issy books!!
Can't wait to bring them to school tomorrow and show my kiddos!  Stay tuned for a review on these amazing books!


  1. This is so exciting! What are these books? I can't wait to hear! xoxo

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. They are fabulous! All the pictures are drawn by a little 5 year old girl and the books are written by her grandma!

  2. It is such an easy thing to make! I hope your kiddos were awesome again today!