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Yay!  It is May!!  I am linking up for one of my favorite linkys, Farley's currently!

Listening- I know, but it was on TV and I just couldn't turn it off.  If anyone is interested, it was good! haha!
Loving- Yes!  No school because we have conferences, but I will be in the middle of nowhere with Irene for a kindergarten conference...Which I still need to pack for!
Thinking-This weekend I am going to a mini MN blogger meet up!  Yay!
Wanting- We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend followed by cold and snow!  Summer come soon please!  I I don't think spring will show up!
Summer Bucket List- The hubby and I never went on our honeymoon because of work so we are planning a  getaway for this summer.  I know it will be hot here, but just to get away will be FUN!  The hubby's brother gets married this summer, so we will be heading to D.C in June!  YAY!

Now it is your turn to go link up! :)


  1. You cannot seriously be having SNOW in May! I am so glad we are finally having spring in my state! Hope you get those warmer days soon, too! Good for you that you have a day off for conferences. We have a half day but it's in March! Too early. I really wanted to have my students do an end of the year student led conference, but I'm afraid we are now running out of time. I may get them prepared and let the kids take it home! Ha! Thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. It is the perfect time because it is so close to the end of the year! A student led conference would be perfect for this time of year too!

  2. Can't wait for the meet up! Brewskie here we come! :)

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. Thanks so much for following! I love kindergarten!

  4. Yay a honeymoon for you guys! Can't wait to hear where you guys go :) Enjoy that day off!

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. Have fun at your conference. I went to D.C. Last summer to visit my dad. Very cool place.

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  6. I found your blog through the "Currently" linky! I love finding new kindergarten blogs!! We too, are experiencing May snow in Missouri. It is close to us, but so far is staying in more western areas of the state. Whew!!!

    How about them apples?