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Training Day

I had another sub today... Training day for K and 1st grade teachers in the district.  One of the highlights was seeing a teacher who I used to work with there! :)  We talked a lot about assessments and everyone brought in their assessment "stuff".  Of course I snapped some pics to share with you!
One sweet kinder teacher brought in her assessment booklet!  The other kinder teacher and I were blown away or more like "duh why didn't we think of that!"  Making a convenient booklet with ALL the assessment sheets!

Another teacher brought in a binder with page/folder dividers.  Each kiddo gets their own folder.  Just tape on their names so you can use them again next year.  Maybe a ton of you already do this, but everyone a the training was loving it and slightly jealous of how organized she was ;)  I totally went to Target after and bought some dividers...on CLEARANCE! YES!

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