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Five for Friday the 13th!!

1.  We are in full testing mode for reading and I had a sub on Thursday!  I do not like having a sub especially 11 days in!  I tried to be as organized as possible and it helped that I was in the building testing, a little.  For the most part my kiddos were great!  A few had issues, but there are always some.  It was a great practice for my next sub which is on Wednesday already!  Already have a required training for the year...YIKES!
2.  We did a week of bus safety!  Most of the week was boring rules, but today we did a fun mini book!  Each page had them cutting and gluing pictures with bus safety rules.
3. After our books, we did a roll, add, and color!
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Freebie Fridays

4. In math we are working on counting and ordering numbers!
5.  So I just found out I can spend $7000 on my classroom through a grant my school got!!  The only requirement is that we order 4 iPads (AMAZING)...so that leaves me with over $4,000!  The possibilities are endless!  What would YOU order!?


  1. OMG. You can't be serious! $7,000???? Guess how much we got? $0
    Yep, so just to recap- 25 kids. Super high need. No help. $0.
    Ha! I'm so happy for you though, boo boo!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. Only the 1st and 2nd grade teachers get the money this year! Last year was kinder! I totally just lucked out!!

  2. $7000 dollars? Wow! I can't imagine. New musical instruments, art materials, invite local artists and musicians in , technology, field trips, new bikes, sand toys, more field trips. You are going to have so much fun!

    1. SO many great ideas! I am already having fun looking at everything!

  3. I am with Irene.....we get $0 and have high need students in our building. Yeah for the money though. I would totally build up my classroom library with a lot of non-fiction text (in order to align with common core) and I would use some money on technology such as apps for the iPads or even some games for the smartboard (if you have one). I am excited to find out what you will use the money for!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  4. I read this post at school and immediately added number stickers to my unifix cubes! Such a simple idea, but I love it! We'll be using those this week! Thanks!!

    ABCs and Polkadots

    1. Awesome! My kiddos love it and they are so quiet while they are working at getting them all together!!

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