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Today was a great day!  I was reunited with my better half...IRENE!  It has been like a month!  We met up for a happy hour with some other fellow co-workers!  I so needed this!  So many crazy stories-the life of a teacher, right!? :)
One last beer on the patio!  We totally lucked out on the nice weather!
In science we are learning about air and weather.  Yesterday we made parachutes!  I thought I would share because it was the easiest thing EVER and the kiddos were loving it!  This could of turned out chaotic, but it was calm and only one kiddo tried standing on the table to test their parachute...phew!
Supplies- napkin, stickers/tape, string, paperclip

Tape each string to the end of the napkin using the stickers.

Tie the string around the paperclip using the sticker.

Hope some of you can use this in your classroom! :)


  1. That parachute activity looks like so much fun. I love the mental picture of one of your little ones on the table trying to test his parachute. Oh those "gray hair" moments!

    I just saw the darling picture of you and Irene on her blog... I love seeing best buddies enjoying each other's company. Great picture.

    Thanks for sharing
    Granny Goes to School

  2. Hi Kimberly. I'm glad you liked the Probably Book idea - there is so much you can do with this book. I am very intrigued by the parachute project, too.

  3. Hi, was just checking out your science ideas, I teach K-5 science. I do the parachute lesson with my 2nd graders...part of our FOSS lesson, but what really caught my eye was Go, Pack, Go! I agree, we miss Aaron.

    Renee here in WI

    1. That is what it is from! :) We loved that kit! Agreed-Aaron needs to come back! We NEED him! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)