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Guided Math Centers!

Today I switched up our Guided Math centers because we were so over "exploring math tools" and my kiddos ROCKED it!  We just did centers and took up our whole math block!  It is the small things that get me so excited because this concept is SO important in order for my kiddos to learn the standards in their grade level!  Without this we would be all doing 1st grade together and all doing 2nd grade together...boring.
We just worked on adding and subtracting centers today.  Usually the kiddos will only do 2 math centers independently and 2 centers with me, which includes the math lesson and math workbook!
Here are the centers we did today.
Roll and subtract

 Domino addition
 Roll and add
Subtraction war!

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  1. I just started math centers yesterday and my kids loved them! It's a great way to help out your split class. :) I like that little table. I need to do that!

    1. I'm glad they went well! I know it is the best table! It was like that when I moved in and I am not changing it!