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Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

We had fun today!  I feel like we have been boring and too much to the book, so today we learned about Johnny Appleseed and did lots of fun activities!  All of the activities we did I found on TpT for FREE!  Yes, that is what I do last minute...check TpT for free activities!
We "practiced" guided reading groups today.  I had my kiddos complete a sentence scramble activity.  You can find it here!

During this time my principal walks in!  Ahh!  The kiddos were okay.  They could of done better, but they still rocked it and we had a good closing to Daily 5 and then she left.

We also made the cutest Johnny Appleseed hats!  Grab them here!  Each kiddo colored their hats and on the back wrote what they learned about him today!
And yes, one of my little ones could only come up with this...

Did you do anything fun to celebrate today!?


  1. I am amazed by your students' writing ability. So many of mine still don't know all their letters and sounds and yours are writing paragraphs! WOWZERS

    1. I have a WIDE range of abilities! I have some that don't know there sounds and then some like the little ones above who can write and write!

  2. We made applesauce today. It looks like your class had fun! :)

  3. Love your blog and ideas! I will be following!