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My Plate!

We are lucky enough to be a part of this fun healthy eating program.  We have 5 lessons that is taught by someone from the U and we learn all about My Plate.
We did a fun project that I wanted to share with you!
Each kiddo got a plate and a ton of stickers that were a part of all the different food groups.  We picked foods we would or could eat for breakfast.

Once we picked 4 foods each kiddo had to tell our presenter what food group each food was from.  This was great considering ALL my kiddos thought strawberries were vegetables during our first lesson last week..

I created a plate for you if you would like to try it in your class.  Obviously, I don't have the stickers but your kiddos could draw their foods on their plate! :)  Click HERE or on the picture!  Enjoy!
Graphics: My Cute Graphics and Creative Clips

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