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Earth Day!

I have some FABULOUS freebies for Earth Day!
The first freebie we used was from Zanah's Earth Day Literacy Activities pack!

I had my kiddos brainstorm with me ideas on how we can protect the Earth.  I let them choose to copy from our ideas or write their own ideas.  Surprisingly, I only had 3 kiddos copy the board!

After they finished their maps, they used it to write about how they would protect the Earth.
The second freebie was from Happy Teacher, Happy Kids' Earth Day Math Codes!  My kiddos went CRAZY for them!  We pretended to be "Earth Day Detectives" and we had to crack the codes about Earth Day.  We were super secretive (and quiet) so we could crack the codes and when someone came in we made sure they wouldn't see our codes.  It was amazing and I can already tell my kiddos want more!  The best thing was that there were like 6 different codes at different levels, so every kiddo had a couple codes to crack with addition problems at their current math level!
What fun activities did you do today!?

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  1. Hi Kimberly Ann! I am so honored that you used my Earth Day Codes with your class!! Thanks for sharing! Diana :-)