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Feeling like Spring...FINALLY

It is finally feeling like spring here!  Tomorrow it will be in the 70's!  My kiddos are already convinced it is "so hot" out, tomorrow will feel like summer!  Is this sad?  haha!
I have pulled out the spring stuff.  It felt weird to do spring stuff when there was a foot of snow falling from the sky last week!
We used a sheet from my Print and Learn: April to practice our measuring using non-standard units.  We completed this sheet and then measured things around the room using our rain drop rulers

Yesterday, we also used this fun sheet from Freebielicious!  The fabulous Mel D. from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations!

I thought this was funny because it literally snowed one day over spring break and then all melted by the end of they day.  This little guy was pumped and very observant of that :)

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  2. Love that spam above my comment. Ha! Yeah. . .
    I LOVE that it finally feels like spring around here! xoxo