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Throwback Thursday Linky!

I'm linking up with Primary Possibilities for her Throwback Thursday linky!  It was easy!  Just pick an old post and repost it!  I picked one from summer because summers here are HOT and I wish it was at least warm here :)
***** This post is from July 24th, 2013*****
Summer School-Zoo Week
I really didn't do a zoo week, but I did do an Animal Math week which included zoo animals.
Most of my classes have between 10-20 kiddos.  This week I had 6 registered and only 3 showed up...today only 2!  Usually, they cancel low numbered classes but not mine...  I will admit it is hard because I have all boys so fun cute art projects aren't fun to them.
Today, I did get them to do some coloring though!  I did have one say, "I probably will say are we done yet the whole time I color."-Well thanks for the warning...

Each kiddo got to pick a puzzle and color it. 

The one who "didn't like coloring" did this one!  I gave them the freedom to color however they wanted.  This is the "party zebra".  Doesn't it look like the zebra from that zebra gum that had the tattoo wrappers?

After they colored, they cut and glued onto a new sheet!  Click on the picture to grab yours for FREE!

 Another activity that we did was to go on a "Zoo Animal Safari".
Each kiddo got a stack of animal cards to color.  I hung them up around the room and the kiddos graphed what they saw.

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