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Leprechaun Trap

We were on a mission today!  We NEED to catch that leprechaun and take his gold!  I made the mistake of telling my kiddos we were making a leprechaun trap like 2 hours before we actually made it.   I hope they learned something in those 2 hours, but lets get real all they could think about was the trap. We made one as a class.  I had some painting in rotations, while the rest made gold to put on our trap.

We used a paint stir stick to prop up the box.

One of my little boys was all into making maps and plans for our trap.  He started on normal paper and ended up with a piece of chart paper.  This would be "Plan C".  You know in case "Plan A" and "Plan B" didn't work.
Our final product, still a little wet, but we just couldn't wait to set it up.  After we put it up, we discussed ideas for what to put into the box to get Shamrock to get into the box.  Our plan was he would see the gold stick and knock it over when he walked in.  We still thought it needed more.  

Boy 1:  "We could put a girl leprechaun in it!"  I guess we are starting a love connection in leprechaun land
Boy 2: "We should put a girl leprechaun and a boy leprechaun in it so he can choose which one he likes!"  Hey, we are open to any relationship our leprechaun wants!

I hope we "catch" him tomorrow...  I love kindergarten


  1. I love this idea! Good luck with catching the leprechaun! I got a kick out of the student being afraid of the leprechaun too. You have to love how genuine the little ones are.
    Fun in ECSE

    1. Haha I know! She was a good sport and played along even though she knew it was me!

  2. Don't you just love little ones' reasoning/problem solving?! :-)


  3. Baahaha! I just love their 2013 attitude toward leprechaun love! Your class rocks!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. Hey Kimberly!! I hope you had a great birthday!!! I am sorry I didn't get you emailed to say it! My laptop crashed Monday and has been dead! It just came on today but keeps dying! :( I am making quick trips to check in on everyone! I have missed blogging!!

    1. It was a good day!! I hope your laptop starts working soon!! Thanks for stopping by!