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Monday Math Centers

Before I talk about our newest math centers I NEED to tell you about our Leprechaun disaster fun!  Last year I had a Leprechaun causing trouble in my room, making messes, leaving green "footprints" everywhere!  My kids last year LOVED it!  My kids this year...SCARED!  Some wouldn't even sit in their carpet spots because it was too close to the Leprechaun's mess!  I had a note from the Leprechaun telling about how he had come to our room, made some messes, and lost his shoe!  I had to read it 3 times just to ensure my kiddos he has left and moved to a different classroom!  By the end of the day they had at least warmed up to the idea and anything they found that was green were convinced it was left by him.  I'll give it a try tomorrow.  I mean they are still excited about him, but just got a little freaked out about a little guy dressed in green roaming around our classroom.

Alright onto my math centers!  We have a random 20 minute time period between our special and lunch every day!  We always have something to do, but I wanted more!  So I decided to do Math Centers!  We do at least 45 minutes of math a day, but we do more literacy so I wanted math to catch up a little. I have 5 centers and each day my kiddos do one!  PERFECT! I created a Math Madness pack a few weeks ago, so we geared up for a little March Madness with these fun centers!  Check them out!

 Number and number word match!
 Roll and color, my kiddos are obsessed!
 Pick two cards and add!
 Add and record your answer.  This on can also be done like Write the Room.
Basketball ten frames!


  1. Oh my word! You never know what the kiddos will think or how they will react! Good luck with it tomorrow!!

    1. I'm hoping tomorrow is better! They did tell every other teacher about it, so I mean I think they are over the scared part...right?! haha!

  2. Bahaha I'm rolling thinking about your kiddos. Reminds me of the time that the "mouse" from Chucky Cheese came by and stopped at my door and I had a kid literally LEAP over the tables and jump on me. I can't imagine how my class this year will respond when our little leprechaun makes an appearance tomorrow....knowing this class...rolling of the eyes is in order! :)

    Cute math games!! Love the basketball theme!
    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. OMG!! That is too funny! I hope your kiddos enjoy it rather than be scared of it!:)

  3. That is HILARIOUS! Isn't it surprising when they react that way? Over Christmas this year we had some fun with lost gingerbread cookies. We left the room to hunt for him and when we came back there were lots of things messed up, showing us that they had been there. One of my kids was literally shrieking and crying saying "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE"! I was shocked! You never can predict how they are going to react to things. I love those centers! Thanks so much for sharing :)


    1. Haha! Kids are so funny sometimes! I am still shocked over how scared they get! You never know how things will go!