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Listening Center: Book App

If you are like me, you have some sort of listening center during your literacy block.  My listening centers have been computer, iPad, or an actual CD player with a book (old school).  All effective, but it would always be nice to have an app that had a variety of books for you kiddos to choose from.  The best part would be if this app was easy to use!

I have found that app and it is called FarfariaFarfaria has a HUGE library of books that can be read to your students or they can choose to read them on their own.

The app can be broken down into grade level, reading level, favorite character, or interest books.
The home icon will bring you to the grade level books.  Click on your grade level and they will filter books for that grade. 

The best part is each book is leveled by reading level, so if you want your students to read or listen to books around their level you can do that!

On the home page above the grade levels there is even a handful of "favorite characters" these characters are in multiple books on the app!

Another great thing I liked was that you can favorite books and listen to those books at any time.  They are downloaded in the app and will work when you are offline (if that should ever happen)!

If this sounds like an app you would like to use, use the code HOHOHO by December 31st and receive 40% off a subscription!

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