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Turkey Alphabet Toss

I believe learning should be engaging and fun!  With that being said, I think learning can be extra fun when your class can get up and move while learning!
I have created a fun turkey themed alphabet toss!  You can play this in a whole group or you can have a smaller group play it during your reading centers.
To set it up, place the turkeys in the middle of your circle. 

Students take turns throwing the bean bag on a letter.  Once they land on a letter or land close to a letter.  They will say that letter and mark it on their recording sheet.

To challenge kiddos, you can have them say the sound or think of a word that starts with that letter instead.

Another way you can use these turkeys is to spread the turkeys around the room on the floor.  Students will start on one side of the room.  You will call out a letter, sound, or object and the students will WALK and try to find the letter you called out. 
If a student finds it, they will step on the letter or stand by the letter.  Continue playing until you have called all the letters.  If a student runs or is pushing, I would have them sit out one of the rounds. 
Check out this center HERE!

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