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St. Patty's Day Sentence Building

What a day!  After a snow day yesterday, I didn't know how today would be!  It was great!  Minus one of our co-teachers out sick with NO sub plans.  It took the sub an hour to join with my fellow K teacher and 3 hours before all the other K teachers took her wild kiddos!  It worked out and her kids were perfect in my class!  We did a fun St. Patty's Day sentence building activity.  I first did our sentence building as a large group to go over how we know what word goes first in a sentence and what goes at the end

Then each kiddo got their own sentence building sheet and had to cut, glue, and color their sheet to match their sentence!

I put them in a center and made sure to color code each mat and matching words so my kiddos wouldn't get confused!

This activity can be found in my St. Patty's Day Fun pack!

Since I had a couple extra kiddos today I gave my kinders  a little Free Choice time.  All of my kiddos wanted to get dry erase markers and white boards out to write addition problems!  We had just done a large group activity together using stuffed animals to make addition problems and they were totally into it!  Since I don't have a TON of stuffed animals I handed out heart counters for my other kiddos to use for their problems!  So cute!

We are working hard on our language for adding-using 'and' and 'is' instead of plus and equal for now until we understand the concept better:)


  1. Love the St. Patrick's sentence building. Glad to hear you got a snow day. Happiness is a Snow Day, it almost makes you feel giddy, doesn't it?

    1. Who doesn't love a snow day!? I was definitely giddy Tuesday morning!!

  2. I'm so jealous of all the snow day talk! We had a few flurries last night and I got overly excited :) No snow day for us!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

    1. That is the worst! When you are almost positive you will have one and you don't!

  3. Love it! You have such a lucky bunch of kids! You are always doing something super cool!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. My kiddos love the personal marker boards! They pick those almost every time over all of the other choices!